Playing Every Madden in One Video...

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playing every madden (that was possible to record) all in one video. We traveled from the xbox 360 all the way to the series x... a banger for sure. make sure to show phazed, my editor, some love for making this insane video. ENJOY!
Kenny's video that inspired me! -

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wow, you stud - thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now - great job sport. keep up the nice work!
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  1. MMG
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    aye sorry I'm uploading so late gents. Super Bowl will drop at 10 EST sharp tomorrow, I hope that works. Enjoy this HUUUGE video, and if you make it through the whole thing, I love you

    1. Kyle Howard
      Kyle Howard
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      Dude just stole this fro RBT

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      Expert Assassin
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      @Frost Gentials you you

    4. Aspect
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      Pp Pump

    5. Chris Magill
      Chris Magill
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      Dude u should do a franchise

  2. Morgan Mcabee
    Morgan Mcabee
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    I don’t have Twitter but I watched this whole video lol. Big fan though!!

  3. Diabetic Timmy
    Diabetic Timmy
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    I love you too

  4. alex justcause
    alex justcause
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    5:53 I need that

  5. Goldngaming44
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    That fruit list it pretty amazing no cap Originally I was gonna say that fruit list is pretty fruity but I talked myself out of it

  6. DND Matty FN
    DND Matty FN
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    Thanks for loving us papa but I don't have twitter

  7. OdDisCity Link lol
    OdDisCity Link lol
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    I'm in 2021 but I love you to

  8. Gamer Epic
    Gamer Epic
    10 օր առաջ

    At 31:36 it said Vick had 2tds but he only had 8

  9. Ben D'Avella
    Ben D'Avella
    14 օր առաջ

    I've watched up to "this point in the video"! You are a beast

  10. Trick shot Bros
    Trick shot Bros
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  11. Nicholas Sunga
    Nicholas Sunga
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    I watched the whole thing

    1. Nicholas Sunga
      Nicholas Sunga
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      Don’t have Twitter 37:30

  12. Cutz
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    I am on a very long car ride thanks for Keeping me not board

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    Robonson Benjamin
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    Trevor Peterson
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    Ay who made it that far

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    In The Loop With Coop
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    jared cikot
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    i don’t have twitter

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  18. Marcello Jaramillo
    Marcello Jaramillo
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    34:34 miraculous reception remake 😳

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    Isaac Arriaga
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    Best AMgetr ever and super funny

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    Kam Finan
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    Watched the whole thing no homo love you too😂😂😳

  25. Solarchris
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    I rather have aggressive catch be op then running be op and wr can’t win 50/50

  26. Nicky Toaso
    Nicky Toaso
    28 օր առաջ

    31:35 ....anyone notice how it gave Vick the touchdown in his stats?

  27. Turtle Mouth
    Turtle Mouth
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    I've watched the whole thing Dad

  28. Vanman24
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    When you’re so bored you watch this video three times

    1. Aidan Flynn
      Aidan Flynn
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      Get a life

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    DatBoi Cohen
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    i love you too

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    dreandgg gaming
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    Hello MMG I am new

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    Peter Siciliano
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    Refridgearator you know

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    Connor Smith
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    Went to hard at the packers... mad cause lions bad

  33. bcbroc guy
    bcbroc guy
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    First game I scored70 points

  34. Jackson Day
    Jackson Day
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    bro 17:30 im laughing so hard rn

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    Chase Vander Voort
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    He says dude every sentence

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    Tom Brady
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    I literally came from the KOT4Q

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    Ryan L
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    51 minutes of papa. Hell yee

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    Santino Perrucci
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    The fact I watched this video like 10 times and still didn’t comment what am I doing

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    HotDankbear 239
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    immaculate video Matthew.

  42. JM 14
    JM 14
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    45:14 EA: I’m I joke to you?

  43. ChesterVR
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    What’s ur 🟧⬛️

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    miragexl ow
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    43:09 I love how Lamar just walked into him 😂

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    Jelani Bobcombe
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    Brantley Jordan
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    Lol the hole part was so funny

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    HalLso 3030
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    Adrian Peterson’s cousin was my 8th grade teacher

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    Kyle Korver
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    Benjamin DeCoria
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    Got a gt cam like 4 weeks ago out of a legends pack

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    Tú MADre
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    I had 07 on my game cube.... it brings back memories...

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    Savage Demon
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    Yo monster man gaming what’s up fan yute gon hav ta do tat wit de homies fam long gown

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    Daylan Acosta
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    Who is watching this when Stanford is at the rams and golf is at the lions

  54. DMC_0506
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    Papa acts like we care about the redskins

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    kot4q the goat

  56. Roger McCray
    Roger McCray
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    His gameplay exposes why EA is a horrible developer. He’s happy because he’s rich.

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    Dean Palmer
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    Amazing video

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    ORIGINALLY Created By The Mack Daddy Eli Mack 👁👃👁 👄

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    I love you to mmg

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    I Justed watched the whole video it is 10:22 PM rn

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    I have them

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    Bro that is my fav to 💯

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    Wtf it doesn’t snow in oakland CA

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    wtf was that long awkward moment bro... 16:58

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    I got 13 for Xbox 360

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    Watched the whole thing damn

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    “Gimme Some Suppa Heat” MMG

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    48:52 when mario dies

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    48:45 made my eyes tear up in laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    You did not just say Antonio clown

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    Rip Sean T

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    People who Watch the whole video👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻

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    Bro 16 brought back so much memories

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    Cynx zek Also Izy on ig
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    I made it that far love you papa

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    Why was jordy Nelson number 27

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    Jordy Nelson is just goated

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    papa just play the other games on a emulator

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    Colin Perillo
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    2:48 it sounds like he was talking about a dead person 😂👏 Edit: he’s not dead right?

  90. in tucker we trust
    in tucker we trust
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    this def took days to edit

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    Who stayed for the whole thing

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    Playing none of the good maddens in one video

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    Respect to having only 3 ads

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    He also copied from im suda

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